Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We go walking almost every morning ~Me and Melinda, Lilly and Ginny. We walk Lilly to school and then around the park beside the school 6 times (because it adds up to 3 miles), and then home.
Today was different, though, and we felt like we needed to reconsider the time of our exercise ritual. We weren't driven home by wind or rain or sleet or hail, but it was the cold!
Right now, it's still Autumn, and soon Winter will appear as barren and sleeping trees and other foliage, sprinkled with evergreen, but no snow. Even so, our walks are destined to be scheduled for later in the day in order to keep us going. Not only will this help us to be warmer, but we may actually get some things done at home before we venture out!
Anyone want to come?

Monday, November 29, 2010

About Kids!!

Well, our kids did it! They grew up and then they moved out on their own! But we all want our children to take wing and fly, as long as it isn't too far or for too long. Couldn't there just be a rule that says they must stay within a 10 mile radius?

We have 6 children and 11 grandchildren and now another beautiful baby on the way. We are very excited, but Shannon's new little one will be born in Japan! I hope to be able to go to Japan when the time comes, but a little visit is never the same as living close and being able to share Family Home Evenings, Sunday dinners, holidays, and caring for grandchildren while parents are out. Don't get me wrong, I truly do enjoy and appreciate those visits but the "good-bye's" are very hard to do and the "hello's" are too far apart.

Celeste doesn't live very far away, only a 2 1/2 hr. drive, but we still don't get to spend enough time with her and her family. Then there's Dawn and Mark and Sam, who live in Utah. I love Utah, but once again, it's not conducive to having a day-to-day relationship.

Our daughter, Suzanne, has moved here with her children while Jared is deployed to Iraq for a year. I wish he didn't have to be separated from them but then I'd want him to be here, too, but without this deployment they'd all still be on Oahu; all the way across the ocean and might as well be a million miles away! And now, I am so thankful to be able to have a real, tangible place in their lives on a daily basis. It means the world to grandparents everywhere to be able to spend time almost whenever they want, with their children and grandchildren.

I suppose that children should be able to have a life of their own, and that they deserve the opportunity to "do their own thing", but please, do it a bit closer!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bob Hope and Me

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone from this year's calender of events but as the shoppping, cooking and storing the food of the feast is done, I've begun a bit of a sentimental journey. And I, along with the ever famous and beloved Bob Hope, must sing, "Thanks for the memories".
I remember back, a long time ago, when my Grandma and Grandpa Shipp stepped up and let us live in their house; my Dad and Richard, and me. Those bittersweet years were made so much brighter by the warmth of caring grandparents.
Today, our traditional Thanksgiving dinner looks very much like the ones that were prepared every year at Grandma's.
When I grew up and moved away from San Francisco, I took notice of how my childhood memories seemed so dark. It wasn't because they were bad memories but it was because of the fog! I still to this day find comfort in quiet lights and overcast weather.
At the approach of Christmas, as we deck the halls and trim the tree, I am taken back to the shimmering, silver streaming icecicles individually placed on the tree, that Grandma called, "rain" in honor of where we lived and what would have meaning for us.
Now it's time for us to trim our own tree again. This year the tree is small. With no little ones of our own here and with our limited space, downsizing seems in order, but this year, I think I'll bring home a sprinkle of "rain" to put on our tree in honor of my family and how my early years were blessed by my Grandma and Grandpa.
Bob Hope lived an entire century, bringing fun and laughter to thousands, helping them lift their spirits and see the good and the humor and the "hope" in life and I want to be more like him. I believe that much of our happiness in life comes from gratitude, and so I, like Bob, sing again, "Thanks for the memories".

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ten Free Days

In answer to this last Priesthood blessing, I was not given instant relief from complete drug withdrawal but after two sleepless nights, I called the Master Herbalist and was told about a little herb called Valerian. When the root is taken in dried form it calms nerves without causing drowsiness, but the fresh extract will help you sleep. You also can't overdose with Valerian, it's completely safe. WOW! It has been an amazing help. Between the two, and Tylenol I am truly never going to have to use Hydrocodone again, and I couldn't be happier!!!

Final Report ~ As of December 4th, I have been 4 days and nights without Tylenol or Valerian Root and have now become symptom free!